To order a transcript of a court proceeding that was recorded by a court reporter, you must contact that specific court reporter. If ordering for purposes of filing an appeal, complete a transcript order form (Form A-8), available under Appeal Forms on the website, with the case docket number, dates of proceeding for which transcript is requested and court reporter’s name. The form must be signed by the court reporter before it is filed. If the case will be paid with CJA (Criminal Justice Act) funds, you must complete and attach CJA Form 24, available at the intake counter.

The Judicial Conference of the United States has determined that in multi-defendant case proceedings under the CJA, only one transcript should be purchased from the court reporter by one of the appointed attorneys on behalf of all CJA defendants. Then, one of the attorneys should arrange for the duplication at commercially competitive rates. Ten cents ($.10) per page is the maximum copy rate. For more information concerning commercial duplication of CJA transcripts, you may contact the duty attorney, Administrative Office (AO) Defender Services Division at (202) 502-3030.

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