Q. To whom should attorneys or the public in general write out check or money orders when making payments at the Clerk’s Office?

All checks must be written to the Clerk of Court or Clerk, U.S. District Court. The Clerk’s Office also accepts the following credit cards:

Q. What must be done to get back a cash bail or bond posted in the Clerk’s Office?

You must file a motion requesting disbursement of the cash bail or bond. The motion must stipulate the name of surety, name of defendant, and amount to be disbursed. A check will only be issued in the name of the person who was shown as surety on the bail form.

Q. When does the Clerk’s Office pay out attorneys or interested parties from funds in the Court registry?

Payment is made only after a Judge directs disbursement to the attorney or party in interest. Once the financial section of the Court Clerk’s office receive the order, a check is generally disbursed within two business days. The finance clerk will mail the check.

Q. Is all money received at the Clerk’s Office registry invested?

No. A Court order must state that the money is to be deposited into an interest bearing account. Any investment involving the assumption of market risk is made only pursuant to Court order.

Q. If we want to pick up the check instead of mailing, whom shall we contact?

You may contact the financial administrator at (405) 609-5045.